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This information applies to "cookies" and refers to the website www.sails4rent.com (hereinafter referred to as the Service), owned by the company "STAR CHARTER d.o.o.".

What are "cookie" files?


Cookies - small text information sent by a web server and saved on the user's side (usually on a hard drive). The default parameters of cookies allow you to read information contained in them only to the server that created them. Cookies are used most often in the case of counters, probes, online stores, websites that require login, advertisements and to monitor the activity of visitors.

Types of "cookie" files

The Website may use:

Permanent Cookies - these cookies are installed in the user's browser permanently, until they are manually removed by the user (Cookies are also removed during the system reinstallation). Cookie files are used by our service to ensure proper operation of the system and to identify the client's session in the browser. They do not allow identification of the customer, his personal data.

Third party cookies - (third parties cookies) - these are files used by external systems that we use in the website to make our website work better. Such files are installed, for example, Facebook (the ability to log in and register, like products, share and comment on them.) Facebook may use cookies, navigation signals and similar technologies to collect or receive information from the website and use them to provide measurement and targeting services ads), Google (login and registration, traffic statistics, matching AdWords ads). Cookie files from external entities allow us to better evaluate the effectiveness of advertising activities (eg by counting, how many people clicked on a given advertisement and went to the advertiser's website) or collect opinions about our website.

Deleting "cookie" files

All modern internet browsers allow blocking and deleting cookies. This is well documented on the websites of browser manufacturers. For this reason, below we paste links to websites with technical documentation of the latest browsers:

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